Back in Business

Well hello there!  I apologize for the giant hiatus in blog posts, I have no real excuse.  I have yet to fix my computer, I was on hold with my anti-virus company for 17 minutes a couple weeks ago, but then had to hang up and participate in life.  I’ll work on that later, but for now here is my first post written using my phone!

So, what has happened.  We lost a member of the family, Jack, at 87 years young.  The kids still say good morning to him occasionally, looking up at the ceiling, towards Heaven.  I’ll dedicate this post to his wife, our Nan, who we love BIG time.

The boys turned 5, they’ve really aged.  I have not however, having my own after party (after their birthday party) and stayed up late (or early) with a favourite lady to celebrate F and L while they slept.  I am a grown up, I swear.

Today is my sister-in-law A’s birthday, happy birthday to you, lady.  She is someone who ages backwards, hopefully one day she will teach me that trick.  For now, my dad is coming for a special Father’s Day event in F and L’s class, as the hubby is in a work golf tournament (despite having a broken funny bone-  I’ll let you know if that is only literal).

Happy last weekend of the school year to all the parents, I sure can’t wait to eat breakfast in our p.j.’s and throw routine out the window.  Later gator, see you Monday!

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