Welcome to summer!! Yesterday did not feel like the last day of school when I picked the kids up. It felt as if I was walking around in memory. The only difference was the kids gave their teachers big hugs and their backpacks were filled to the brim. This morning when we woke I could feel the excitement building and the energy in my bones. We are still in our pjs having a leisurely breakfast before we pack our bags and head to the cottage. It’s glorious.
After school yesterday, and after a bit of park time, I took the kids and one of A’s friends to see Inside Out. What a fantastic movie, and it was the boys first 3D experience. We managed to sit through the whole thing without a hundred bathroom breaks! I should always bring the boys to movies when they are exhausted.

Now I look forward to just being together and doing whatever we feel like. The beach is calling my name, time to pack the bags!

One comment

  1. excessenergy · June 28, 2015

    Summer is by far the best season, although Turq likes the cold of winter. He says that’s why god made lakes, for dogs to cool off.


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