Inside Voices

I don’t know why I tell the kids to use inside voices.  Well, technically I do, as their talking voices are more like shouts and their whipser voices are even louder.  However, when we go outside and they begin screaming (sorry talking) it’s hard to say quiet down when they are no longer inside.  Often they make unintelligible noises just to be loud and respond with “but I am outside mommy”.

This morning, I am still lying in bed, and by still I mean it is after 7, 7:38 now to be exact, because my sister-in-law, K, is up for the week at the cottage.  I believe she has said “shhhh”, “use inside voices” and “quiet guys” 100 times before sending them outside where I can now hear them “talking” through the window.  Time to get up and jump in the lake… After I eat the whole world because at the cottage I am a bottomless pit.  Must be something in the air.

One comment

  1. Pope · August 17, 2015

    Don’t worry mum, your in good company, been grazing a little to much myself. Not to mention copious amounts of grog!!!

    Going for my last “Second Bowl” meal before I start a new program. Should you be thinking of slowing and fixing the “summertime damage”…lol, I think I’ll have some company after K’s birthday bash this coming weekend. Have fun and see you later this week….




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