When Kids are Hilarious Pt. II

I keep telling myself to continue my pervious post and write down more of the funny things the kids have said over the years, so here is a list of things they have mispronounced.  I mentioned number 2 in the the previous post but it’s too good not to write down again.  Hopefully this is funny for everyone and not just one of those things a parent thinks is hilarious and everyone else is left feeling awkward.

  1. Snuck.  “I saw a snuck on the road mummy”.  A, age 2, explaining the sighting of a skunk.
  2. F* ck.  “Hello F*ckies”.  A, age 2, saying good morning to the froggies in our frog pond, which was located right outside our front door.
  3. Porched Eggs. “Can you cut the yellow part out of my porched egg?”.  F and L, age 5, enjoying poached eggs for breakfast.
  4. Fling. “Can you push me on the fling?”. My nephew, K, age 3, needing a couple hundred pushes on the swing.
  5. Lumin. “It is in the lumin boat mommy”.  F and L explaining that their fishing rod is in the aluminum boat.
  6. Motorboat. “Want to go motorboating?” This one isn’t pronounced wrong, it’s just hilarious.  The boys, F, L and K, aged 5 and 3, take their kids kayaks and run back and forth in the shallow water of the cottage beach and have named it motorboating.  They are also, half of the time, naked.
  7. The Rabbids.  “I see the Rabbids!” F and L, starting at age 4 but still say today, as we pass the rapids on the way to the cottage.
  8. Auntie Easy. I do not think a quote is required for this one.  When my eldest nephew was 2 he had trouble saying my name, Lindsay, so he called me Auntie Easy.  It took me a minute or two to understand why everyone laughed so hard. He’s figured it out now.
  9. China. “Boys have a penis and girls have a China”. F, age 4, giving an anatomy lesson.
  10. Posed to. “Remember that I posed to swing first”. F, age 4-5, reminding everyone that he was supposed to be first to swing.

That is all for now, but kids are hilarious everyday, so it won’t be the last post like this. There is a part III in the near future!


  1. Susan Catton · August 18, 2015

    Laughed like crazy. Al used to say pinecone everytime he saw or read about a porcupine when he was little. Excellent Blog,
    P.S. “skettie” is how you used to pronounce your favourite meal of spaghetti. 😀


  2. excessenergy · August 18, 2015

    I remember A at around 2 y.o. stating that she did something, ” I dude it”



  3. Lori Porter · August 18, 2015



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