Now that the sun is coming out, I realized just how much time we have spent sick since January.  I seem to have had at least one child home sick for a day, every week.  As soon as one gets better, it circles around again.  I am so thankful for the warmer weather so I can throw the windows open and get some fresh air in here.  When I spend an entire day inside, cabin fever sets in.  Spending three months inside, I seem to lack the desire to venture out.  I am growing overly attached to Netflix and carbs.  Thank goodness for March Break and healthier (minus A’s persistent cough) children!

We had visits with family and friends, sleepovers, a Museum trip, parks, a movie at the theatre for A, and of course a St. Patrick’s Day Party.  I was so not ready for back to school, and unfortunately the kids were not thrilled either.  L has been having a rough time after Christmas break, I have had to physically carry him to the classroom door but he went today only saying he wished he could stay home.  But so did the other two.  Easter making the the next two weeks shorter is my saving grace right now.  Is it summer yet?

One of the times A was home sick, in the beginning, I was not sure she was sick enough to stay home.  I told her I was just running errands and cleaning in hopes she would decide to go to school on her own.  She responded with “okay mommy. How far do we have to run?”.  I love how literal kids are!  I leave you with a selfie the kids took right before our party.  See you outside.




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