Hello there…

It has not been a year yet since I last wrote, so I will consider this post a victory.  It has been long enough that so many little changes are new but on the whole everything is the same.  The kids have actually grown like weeds.  It sneaks up on you in little ways, like when you go to put lotion on them after a bath but can no longer reach their shoulders from a sitting position.  Or when they visit my sister’s girls, and A is more than double the height of her 2 year old cousin.

We have done some fun things since we last spoke, like surprise the kids with a trip to a Niagara Falls indoor water park, go 5 pin bowling, try ice fishing and head back to the movie theater after a hiatus (let’s not talk about the reason for said hiatus, only that the boys were definitely not ready to sit still but they are good now). The hubby took them skiing over the school holidays and now L wants to be Eddie the Eagle.  skiingI have not skied in over ten years, and even then I was a “only on the bunny hill, don’t look down” kind of skier. I picture two scenarios if I try again: a broken limb or carrying the skis down the hill while my kids whiz by me and ask what’s wrong.  Can’t wait!

There is something that I am so excited for I can barely sit still (just kidding, I am great at sitting).  We are taking the kids to Disney this summer!  A is 9 and the boys will be 7.  They are old enough to stay awake all day, watch fireworks yet still young enough to enjoy the magic.  Originally I had planned to surprise them the day we left, but surprises are not my forte.  For the Niagara Falls getaway we pulled the kids out of school on a Thursday to Friday so the park would not be packed.  I told the kids we were taking them to an allergy specialist that was far away so there was a reason to miss school, and that reason was not a fun one.  All it did was make the kids nervous and A was constantly asking what she might be allergic too and if the test would hurt.  Not the best idea, and the reveal could have been better.  We told them after about an hour on the road that we were going to a water park in Niagara and their suitcases were in the back but F thought that was a joke and only believed us when we arrived.  It turned out to be so fun, but I think this time we will tell them about Disney soon and use it to our advantage.  Not quite a bargaining chip, because I do not want to take away the trip for any reason but as motivation for good listening at home and school.  They are pretty good kids so this should work like magic!

Well, it almost school pick up time, Happy Valentine’s Day to you all.  Drink bubbly and eat great food for me.



  1. janice · February 14, 2017

    I am so glad you are back to your writing Lindsay I have missed this so much. I always look forward to your humor and excellent word smithing. Thanks for sharing


  2. Lori · February 14, 2017

    Welcome back, Momma! Another fun read! (-:


  3. Grandpa B. · February 14, 2017

    Yes, very nice to see you back. Always a fun read and takes me back to the days when you were young and I was in your shoes. Lots of love ❤️ Granda B.


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